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Tuesday, 24th March

The Fish is a mid length longboard with a very positive flex and pop that provides a lush deep carve. The deck springs out of turns allowing the board to accelerate with each pump. The deck is constructed with a birch ply core pressed with both concave and camber. The core is then glassed with fibreglass top and bottom to give it its strength and pop, graphics are applied under the glass to protect them and give it that old school surf look. The underside of the board is sanded to leave a smooth even surface before a thin coat of resin is applied to give the final finish. Finally resin is applied to the rails to fully seal the board and protect it from the elements. All our decks are entirely crafted by hand in small batches, stock is limited so please contact us to check availability.

We sell the boards as decks or complete. The boards are built with the components we choose to ride and that we personally believe are some of the best products out there. We use Holey trucks which we like to run loose allowing the board to carve deep and give a really responsive turn. The wheels are all Abec 11 with the ZIG ZAGs being our wheel of choice. They have loads of grip allowing you to really chuck your weight into each turn. We also have Flashbacks which are a better choice for those of you out there who like to drift and slide.

This board is loads of fun whether its carving to uni or cruising the sea front. It really excells on mellow hills where you can carve and pump the way down.

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